Behavior Modification Graduation for CAP

The Ministry of National Mobilisation through the Child Protection Unit held a graduation ceremony on Friday 3rd August at the Calliaqua Town Hall.

The Behaviour Modification component of the Children Against Poverty (CAP) programme was held from July 11th to 31st 2018 at nine (9) centres throughout St. Vincent with over one hundred and eighty (180) students from thirty (30) primary schools participating.

This component of CAP targets students who are transitioning into grades 4-6. Each CAP centre has approximately twenty-four (24) students selected from three (3) to four (4) primary schools.

These students participate in the programme over a three (3) year cycle for three (3) weeks every July. Modules covered include:

  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Cultural Enhancement
  • Sports Development

This component of CAP is aimed at shaping and promoting positive attitudes and behaviours through exposure to social activities. The other components of CAP are:

-The After-school Support Programme – aimed at improving academic performance through evening classes and home work help, and

-The Parenting Programme – aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of the parents of CAP students.

The After School Support component of CAP provides opportunities for primary school aged students to receive after school tutoring or to access quiet spaces close to where they reside to do their homework.

Community centres and schools are main public facilities utilised for this purpose. So far for 2018, over 250 students have benefited from the services offered by this programme which is conducted at twenty (20) locations throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The CAP programme was developed by the Poverty Reduction Task Force in 2002, and is one of Government’s poverty reduction strategies.

 It is implemented annually by the Ministry of National Mobilisation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and is geared towards providing poor families with the opportunity of utilizing education as a way of escaping poverty.

Students from primary schools within the census districts with poverty levels above the national average as presented in the 2007/08 SVG Country Poverty Assessment Report Volume 1 are selected by the schools to participate in the programme.

In 2018, only students at Calliaqua CAP centre have completed their three (3) year cycle. They graduated on Friday 3rd August 2018 at a ceremony held at the Calliaqua Town Hall.

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