Barrel Concession Extended Until 15th January 2019

Breaking Story – Concessions on barrels imported during the 2018 Christmas season has been extended.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says the duty-free period has been extended to Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.

The information on the extended period was released by the  Office of the Prime Minister.

2018 marked the 18th consecutive year for duty- free concessions on Christmas barrels. In 2017, over 20,000 persons benefited from such concession.

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  1. These duty free concessions on barrels are discriminatory job-killing policy.

    They are discriminatory because only those with close family overseas benefit from them.

    They are job killing because they represent unfair completion with established retailers who who hire more people if they didn’t exist.

    Many rich holiday visitors like me also barrels down to themselves.

    Much of the produce sold on the streets of Kingstown come a from these barrels.

    This is just a vote reaping gimmick.

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