Bahamas Air To Fly Miami – SVG Route

Bahamas Air will operate a preliminary schedule service between St. Vincent and Miami during September / October of  2017.

Bahamas air in a recent OAG Schedules Analyser updated the file for a nonstop schedule St. Vincent – Miami route.

At present, this is likely to be charter service, as service is not listed in the reservation system. Proposed schedule from 08SEP17 to 27OCT17 as follows.

UP977 SVD1515 – 1900MIA 737 5
UP978 MIA1030 – 1415SVD 737 5

Bahamasair Holdings Limited is an airline headquartered in Nassau. It is the national airline of the Bahamas and operates scheduled services to 32 domestic and regional destinations in the Caribbean


  1. Man, you must be lonely. When will you give it a rest? By the way, your party will lose the election again. I hope you accept your loss this time around so we can have some peace in our blessed land.

    • Your beloved country is not SVG , the reason for all the negativity and bad mindedness.

  2. Unfortunately C. ben has been right about essentially everything. That is why so many people are so pissed! Too bad these people are ruled too much by emotion instead of an ability to analyze data. If these people had their way they would imprison C. ben for exercising Freedom of Speech. That trend is coming to most places of the world including SVG.

    • This is why I fear the masses on the street far more than I fear the Prime Minister in the financial complex.

  3. Too bad Ralph is using his political intelligence for his own benefit instead of for SVG. His willingness to be ruthless, and cheating means he probably will win the coming election. Too bad he is so incompetent in Economics. Godwin Friday is great in Economics but he may never get the chance to prove it. I think you are right, this Bahamas thing is just a stunt worked out by Ralph to create false hope before the possible election.

  4. Right on, bro! What this means is the more things change, the more they remain the same. Many people talked about the ignorant masses supporting E.T. Joshua. But we are just as ignorant as ever when it comes to politics even though many of our forefathers could neither read nor write.

  5. Calm yourselves folks. Those flights to and from St. Vincent are privately chartered flights paid for by private individuals. Nothing to do with your governments or your politics. Matter of fact, the fights in question will help your ailing economy by bringing the much needed tourism dollars to your country.

    • Wilton that is true, except who do you think is chartering these flights? The SVG Government maybe…that means the SVG Taxpayer!

      • Which would be ok if we got those tax dollars back, but September and October? Not sure I would have chosen those particular months.

  6. No offence James, but this type of comment is very unconstructive. I am a foreigner (from the UK) living in SVG and was here before, during and after the elections. I was really impressed by peoples engagement in the elections here, way more so than in the UK. The voter turnout on the day put most other democracies in the world to shame.

    The fact that politicians do all they can to manipulate peoples emotions and prejudices says nothing about SVG other than it is the same as every other democracy in the world.

    The UK just voted to leave Europe based on a load of nonsense spouted by a banker who wasn’t even in parliament, and the USA just voted in Donald %&^&&$ng Trump. You guys are way down on the list of falling for political manipulation.

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