August 13, 2020

Auxiliary Police Shot In Heritage Square Needs EC 40,000 For Surgery

Family members of auxiliary police officer Mr Curtland jack who was shot at heritage square three weeks ago need EC 40,000 for surgery.

The CT scan of Curtland’s neck done on 23 Nov, reveals that one of the neck vertebra (C7) has been shattered from the gunshot and the spinal cord is permanently damaged.

His lower limbs are paralysed (paraplegia) and he does not have urinary bladder and bowel control (incontinence).

This is not going to improve given the spinal cord damage. Because of the bone damage as well (essentially he has a broken neck), his neck is unstable and likely to fall forward.

The purpose of an operation is to stabilise his broken neck so that he may be upright in a wheelchair.

The cost of the surgery is 40,000 EC dollars, you can contribute here.

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