Argyle Airport Is Not A Mauby Shop Operation

“Persons are quite pleased and rightly so, with the increased activity at the airport due to the arrival of Air Canada and Sunwing”.

This according to Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves while speaking on Star Radio on Thursday 21st December 2017.

“Even with such activity there are persons who want to bad mouth the airport, there are some taking up the position without the facts that Amerijet cargo service into the island is not properly accommodated, well the press release from the AIA would have dealt with that”.

Gonsalves said last Thursday within a 2 hour period there were 14 aircrafts on the ground at AIA including Amerijet and a number of other private aircraft.

Gonsalves said for the airport to function they operate on time slots if you arrive within the time slot you are given, you will have a quicker turnaround.

“The equipment at the airport cost millions of dollars and are of high quality, it’s not like what you had at E.T Joshua airport, you have to be properly trained to operate this equipment, and you can’t give them, ground handling staff who may be working with Amerijet, because you have warranty and insurance on these things”.

Gonsalves said one of the main conditions is that persons operating the equipment must be trained and certified.

“It’s not a mauby shop operation taking place at AIA, but I am confident that they will continue to work with Amerijet, just like the press release said”.


  1. Ralph Gonsalves made a big mistake building the airport. The cost to build and maintain it far exceeds what it brings to the country. We were certainly not ready for the airport…if we would ever be.
    Here he is now trying to “play up” the airport and insult and demonize anyone who is critical of it….all to mask his biggest economic mistake yet.

  2. Lostpet think of it. Will we ever need an airport? Let’s say 50 years from now or say 1000 years from now? If your answer is no , then you are highly illogical. In 100 years from now it will cost 100 times more to build the same structure. See what I mean? The power of logical thinking is sometimes absent.

  3. Right on Jose, some Vincentians are just hell bent on being negative. Their hatred and persecution for DR Ralph Gonsalves far out weighs their love for St Vincent.

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