Apply Now For The Guyana Work Programme:

The SVG Department of Labour is inviting persons to apply for the following available position on the Guyana Work Programme:

1.Electrical Engineer
2. Project Management
6. Food & Beverage

Please note only persons with certification including CVQ & TVET certification will be eligible for the positions.

Please call 456 2349 for an appointment, persons without appointments will not be accommodated.

Please bring with you:

1. 2 passport sized pictures
2. National ID/Passport/Drivers License
3. NIS Card
4. Names, Address, telephone number, email address and occupation of 2 references.
5. A prepared resume is welcomed.

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  1. Why do they require all you personal info /identification at this early stage in the application process?That should set off all kinds of alarms.Hope no one in Guyana is trying to get Vincy people info..they smart too bad

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