American Airlines To Fly SVG – Miami Route

American Airlines is looking forward to flying the SVG- Miami route this according to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Gonsalves said this was expressed by a letter sent to the government by officials of American Airlines.

Gonsalves stated that the Vice President of Networking and Scheduling at American Airlines Vasu Raja said they are keen on seeing Buccamment Resort restart operations since it would benefit from American MCLA routes.

MCLA routes are within Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America to which the airline serves some 68 airports in 36 countries.

“We are hoping in the next couple of months everything would be ready for these flights to begin”.

“You see an airline like American would want to market the destination properly to get maximum returns”.

Gonsalves said they had an original arrangement, but there were some difficulties.

“They are discussing with us doing a round trip using their Miami hub on Saturdays”.

St Vincent is the only Southern Caribbean country that is currently not being served by American Airlines.


  1. Calliaquaman say
    Please Mr M P ,
    Stop counting chickens before they hatch. To many time rotten eyes remained and they very stink. Allow the process to go forward and if and when the US give us the green light then come again. From inception to now we are hearing the same old tune. Let it go in the old year.
    As Vincentian all hoping for AIA to be good HUD within sub region. We are aware also that tax payers and government will carring this AIA burden for long time to come please educate on these things so the masses will go long and stop try to fool us again.It over sir!
    Air lines will come if they all seat fill from ticket sales or the Government who will pay for the empty seat charter companies. Profitable to all.
    To all Vincy families and SVG Happ New Year.

  2. We need more hotels on the mainland so it will be a good idea to try to attract the major hotels/resorts to set up shop ASAP. In no time we will see the full flights coming to SVG. There is a vast expansion of land in the area of Blue Lagoon that is well suited for major hotel/resort development with the beach area close by. There should be some serious considerations in expropriating some of these properties for hotel development.

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