Ambulance Donated By Canadian City Arrives In St Vincent

The Milton Cato Memorial will be the recipient of an ambulance donated by the city of Hamilton Paramedics service, Ontario Canada, at a handing over ceremony on Friday 7th September.

Global medic which deals with disasters and crisis Worldwide connected Hamilton with St Vincent.

Council General to Canada Fitzgerald Huggins said the country expects to get another 10 years out of this vehicle.

Huggins told CHCH television in Canada that the vehicle will save the taxpayers of SVG money they had to spend on a new ambulance.

The emergency vehicle on shipment was packed with medical equipment from Trauma bags, oxygen kits and stretchers.

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  1. Don’t understand as we get fairly new vehicle but not taken care off..there is a brand new ambulance park in the hospital parking lots with magor components failure…get them an don’t have ppl to fix them make no sence

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