Several Vincentian Students Graduate From USC With Honors

Sharmilia Thomas

Vincentian students continue to excel in the area of education whether at home or abroad. The latest edition of bright young minds graduated from the University of the Southern Caribbean on Sunday, in Trinidad.

The graduates were of a mixed group with several of them being born Vincentians while others were of Vincentian heritage.

The following is the List of students who graduated on Sunday

Bachelor degree graduates:

Javen Jack (honours)
Delight Ollivierre (honours)
Tonisha Marshall (honours)
Tanisha Hazell (honors)
Deleson Thompson (honours)
Krislee Francis (honours)
Sharmila Thomas (honours)
Stedel Charles
Kiana Diamond
Kamelia Joyles
Renaldo Joyles

Shariel Bowman

Shanece Bowman

Masters degree graduates:

Jouvel Joyles
Desrie Richard

Javan Jack
Delight Ollivierre