All Executive Members Of The NDP Re-elected For Another Term

Today the delegates of the New Democratic Party voted to have all executive members return to their respective positions for another term.

President – Dr. Godwin Friday
VPs: St. Clair Major Leacock and Patel Matthews
Chairman: Daniel Cummings
Deputy Chair: Glenford Stewart
Secretary General: Tyrone James
Deputy Secretary General: Doris McIntosh
P.R.O: Lavern King

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  1. The inability of the NDP to attract new blood combined with the refusal of many washed up members of the old guard to retire is among the many reasons this once great Party is doomed to elect even fewer House of Assembly members in the next election.

    Sir James Mitchell had the political sense to retire when he did. Too bad so many other Party bigwigs lack his political smarts.

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