“All Defensive Options For Venezuela Are On The Table” Licausi

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President of the ALBA Bank Raúl Licausi:

(By Ernesto Cooke) – Venezuela’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Raul Licausi says Haiti and Bahamas decision to not go along with their counterparts in Caricom on the issue of non-interference in that South American nation was not of their making.

Licausi who spoke to Caribbean journalists in Caracas in February said if the United States tries to separate us it will weaken the unity, Caricom greatest strength due to lack of size geographically is its togetherness.

“I really don’t think that they chose to do such, I think it was imposed on them, the situation in Haiti for example, we have very good relations with that country, but they had riots in the streets and suddenly the Minister of Foreign Affairs goes to Washington D.C and John Bolton says they are going to help, suddenly the riots stop and a number of Americans were detained”.

Licausi says some governments and countries cannot survive the pressures, however, the dignity and respect that Caricom leaders have for itself for its people is showing the path that should be taken when it comes to Venezuela.

We need international law and the rule of international law to survive, if not the giants of the region and from abroad will eat us alive and that is why we respect so much the decision Caricom has taken on Venezuela, calling for dialogue.

“ It is harmful that some governments abroad are recognizing this fraudulent government of Guaido, which I may say only exist on social and in some international media, unfortunately, some countries in Europe are trapped in waiting on the United States decision on Venezuela”.

Licausi says the people of Venezuela are too proud of their history not to fight back against imperialism, all the defensive options are on the table, he noted.