Alien Land Holders License Granted To Mount Wynne/Peter’s Hope Investors

An Alien Land Holders License has been granted to Canadian-based Company, Pace Development, which has applied for thirty-six acres of land at Mount Wynne-Peter’s Hope for a developmental project.

Two parcels of land, 31 and five acres, respectively, were agreed upon for sale for a project which will see the construction of 50 residential villas at Mount Wynne-Peter’s Hope.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking on Thursday, October 6th on the Shakeup Program aired on WEFM said that construction of the villas is expected to commence in about one year time and be completed in approximately 5 years.

PM Gonsalves
PM Gonsalves

He noted that if the investors do not comply with the conditions of the Alien Land Holders License, the State can forfeit the license.

Meanwhile, with the tourism sector expected to benefit significantly from the development project at Mount Wynne-Peter’s Hope, Dr. Gonsalves said training of persons here in the hospitality sector needs to be ramped up, with persons pursuing studies in Hotel Management.

According to Prime Minister Gonsalves, this country will gain revenue of seven million dollars with the sale of these lands to the Canadian investors.

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