Acting DPP Expresses Concern Over The Creeping Jamaican Culture In SVG

This country’s Acting Director of Public Prosecution Sejilla McDowall has expressed concern over the situation where the Jamaican culture is creeping into St. Vincent and the Grenadines with witnesses who are due to give evidence in Court refusing to do so for fear of their lives.

Speaking at the Sitting on Thursday, July 12th at the High Court to mark the conclusion of the 2017/2018 Criminal Session McDowall told Justice Brian Cottle that the witnesses have either been threatened or killed.

She said that such would not be tolerated here and the system will work to stamp out such acts.

Recently an accused person was sentenced to jail by the High Court for inflicting a gun-shot wound to a key witness in a murder case.

A case of murder was recently dismissed at the High Court after the witness decided to change his testimony and stated that he did not see the accused person fire the shot that killed an infant.

Reports also indicate that in recent years several key witnesses for murder cases succumbed to gun-shot injuries.