Absolutely No Reason For Any Person In SVG To Rob Anyone

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says it is painful and sobering that despite our immense progress in material and non-material terms, a small number of persons, mainly young males who are wholly unrepresentative of our nation’s young male population, have chosen a life of crime, especially violent crime.

 He said they have chosen to invest in low-end but dangerous gun violence and have become “armed entrepreneurs”, living illegally off the fat of the land, making absolutely no contribution to the country’s development, sucking from it, and preying on innocent law-abiding people of all walks of life.

“Some persons who should know better make excuses for these persons and their criminal conduct; sometimes these ridiculous excuses come close to bizarre justification”.

He said the simple fact is that neither the society nor the economy commits violent crime; it is the individual; that is where the responsibility lies.

 There is absolutely no reason for any person in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be violent toward another or to rob anyone, Gonsalves said.

“There are enough opportunities and support systems for anyone who considers himself or herself disadvantaged”. 

“Sensible people do not buy into this so-called “disadvantaged thesis” as the cause of crimes”.

Gonsalves said it is important to note that most of the violent criminals are not truly disadvantaged; they are greedy and covetous; they refuse to work; and they take some selfish pleasure in using violence against other persons.

“We must seek to rehabilitate them even as the legal system addresses the appropriate punishments”.

He says it continues to be the policy of this government to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.  The coercive and other apparatuses of the state are doing their jobs. 

But this venture demands the practical support of all: the family, the school, the community group, the church, and the media. 

“What we do not need are cynical political operatives and some less-than-thoughtful radio hosts who tilt at the proverbial windmills and make absurd excuses for the violent criminal, but who at the same time traduce unfairly the solid and risky anti-crime efforts of the Police”

Gonsalves says fighting crime and criminals in a liberal democracy is not always easy but our liberal and democratic values must always be maintained in this fight against violent criminals.

To be sure, the tiny band of criminals will never win.  On this fundamental matter the government and people are ever more determined to constrain and defeat crime and criminals, he stated.


  1. After reading this article it now becomes clear who is making who excuses for crime? The PM should look in the mirror for the answer.
    At the same time he cannot understand why these people are turning to crime. It indicates how out of touch he is with knowing the state of the country he governs…That means…Time for him to go, or it will continue to get worse even if it ever appears to get better. We have already been shown that the government’s crime statistics are …questionable at best.

    • The government has been “fudging” or just not documenting the data so that the crime rate will not look so bad to voters. I do not know what these programs are that the Prime Minister is talking about. The people do not know either. Maybe some programs do exit but they are not designed to actually work, just to “look good” in order to make voters think that SVG is a land of opportunity. We all know the truth. It is sad that there is just so much misinformation put out by this government.
      Criminals are almost entirely to blame for the crimes they commit but the Prime Minister wants voters to believe he is blameless. It is his policies that have created fertile soil for crime. It is sad that he is oblivious to all his mistakes. Because of that it can only get worse over a long period of time. His high taxes and very expensive cost of doing business in SVG with very little profits make working honestly less profitable than economic crimes. Boys that can’t get enough money to “wine and dine” girls decide rape is an easier way to get sex. Again, the criminal is to blame but why doesn’t the Prime Minister see his contribution instead of telling us he can’t understand why we have criminals in SVG. He should stop making excuses for his bad policies and sham programs.

  2. It’s interesting to not that he speaks or rehabilitation and makes no mention of proportionality. The punishment must fit the crime even if capital punishment is a part o that punishment.These are the same bleeding Hart neo liberals who think that rehabilitation is the answer to criminal conduct. Ask the victims of crimes how they fell if ever they survive. St Vincent is considered a big prison where citizens are afraid to venture out at nights where the syndrome of juice let go is the norm. Most crimes are conducted after dark which corresponds to the same time when jumble let go.

  3. Gonsalves is reported to have said that “There are enough opportunities and support systems for anyone who considers himself or herself disadvantaged”. What? Is he having a laugh?
    Jamal, Ralph Gonsalves do understand perfectly well, why these people are turning to crime, he is not an utter fool. However, one would presume that he chooses to ignore the salient conclusion of his observation, because it quite frankly do not fit in with his politics. And it is the same outdated politics that have impoverished a very long list of countries before SVG. Just look at Venezuela today as an example!
    Poverty and Crime as a study see; Patrick Sharkey, Max Besbris, and Michael Friedson: The Oxford Handbook of the Social Science of Poverty. Edited by David Brady and Linda M. Burton. They say that; “There is substantial evidence indicating that poverty is associated with criminal activity,” And that we all know as an undeniable fact; Note:
    Therefore, let me repeat here a quote I made earlier, it is one that was originally made by Herbert Hoover, and he says, quote, that “When there is a lack of honour in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned”.

  4. Free up the process for legal firearm holders, so regular law abiding citizens can go about their daily lives each day without fear.

  5. He is not living oround the poor class to know. He said their are support systems to help but they help themself and who they choose to acknowledge the rock keep getijng and third not in need. So how do you want them to live jobs for the well know family’s with no or little qualifications. I know of real poor people who went looking for help 8 years exact now and trying but always no and come back all they want is a job and push. I can’t even get a job because the old and rich one don’t want to retire and I have degree and others

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