New Rules Regarding Cooking Gas Prices

New Rules Regarding petroleum gas (LPG) came into effect as of 1st September 2016. This disclosure was made Wednesday by Nathaniel Williams, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Commerce.

According to Williams, this has come about as a result of consultations between the government and various stakeholders of the LPG market.

Anyone selling outside the stipulated price will be dealt with swiftly

He noted that the price change covers the 20, 25 and 100-pound cylinders across SVG. The 20-pound cylinder will cost $31 in Zone 1, $32 in Zone 2, $33 in Zone 3 and for Zone 4 (Grenadines) will cost $36.

Meanwhile, the 25-pound cylinder will cost $37.49 in Zone 1, $38.49 in Zone 2, $39.39 in Zone 3 and $42.49 in Zone 4. And, the 100-pound cylinder will cost $149.94 in Zone 1, 2 and 3 and $170.94 in Zone 4.

Willaims noted that his Ministry was aware of the price gouging in the marketplace,and hence the reason the ministry has taken steps to ensure resellers adhere to the prices.

Williams said he expects all resellers to issue receipts to buyers, and the ministry will ensure that this happens.He said the Attorney General’s office will play a role in the matter,where those who don’t sell at the price stipulated will be brought to justice in the quickest time possible.

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