7.8 Percent Increase In Flights To SVG

Photo credit Lance Neverson

Speaking at the celebration rally to mark one year of operation of the Argyle International Airport on Saturday 17th February 2018, Minister of Tourism Cecil Mckie said that AIA now plays an integral role in visitor arrivals to the island.

There has been a 7.8 percent increase in flights, that is between February 2017 to January 2018.

Mckie told the gathering that there has been a 7.9 percent arrivals in Yacht visitors.

In the last two months of 2017 yacht arrivals saw a 41 percent increase, while December saw a percentage increase of 13.1.

He said there was a 75 percent increase in cruise arrivals for 2017 over the comparable period for 2016.

The month of November 2017 had a 97 percent increase while December 2017 saw an increase of 147 percent.

Mckie said without naming that investors are interested in the destination and have been speaking with authorities on the way forward.


  1. Upbeat about these type of news, very pleased. Lets continue with our marketing strategy, from all indication it has proven to be a success. We have the right man at the helm, our hard working CEO, Mr Glen Beache, and his capably staff inclusive of our overseas marketing departments. Would continue to spread the message that SVG is opened for business via Facebook.

    • All this increase was a result of a once in a lifetime set of weather disasters affecting our neighbors: hurricanes Maria and Irma.

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