39yro Rockies Woman Shot And Killed

Barbados ,murder, 2019

Police here in St Vincent and the Grenadines are now on the hunt for the killer or killers of a woman who became this country’s 17th homicide victim.

According to information obtained by News784, sometime around  3:00am on Saturday 4th, August 2018   gunshots went off at Gurley Hill in the community of Rockies.

When the dust was cleared, dead was Elizabeth Bacchus a 39 year resident of Rockies. According to the information she received a gun shot to her back.


    • It is not a rhetorical question. It is victim blaming. It connotes that the victim should not have been outside at 3AM. People have the right to be outside anytime they want. The question should have been ‘Why does that person think that he/she has the right to take the life of another at anytime of the day “

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