23 Year Old Male Dies After Fall From Truck

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The community of Belmont appears to have been hit with a double whammy at the beginning of October, this after a  young man lost his life on Sunday evening.

According to information obtained by News784, Dead is Aleike Gibson 23yrs conductor of Belmont who fell from a truck  T8920.

The truck was driven by Dwight Davis of Belmont at the time of the incident, Davis is not the owner of the vehicle according to our source.

 Aleike was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown, however, on arrival, he was pronounced dead by doctors.

The incident occurred In front of Claudette Rose’s resident in Belmont on the main road while the truck was moving.

 A postmortem will determine the final cause of death.


  1. We need Jesus now more than ever in this land of owers we need the St Vincent that we once have long ago
    When they have to put them up and feed them and then let them go again they feel is something good they are doing stop the KILLING

  2. Why is it that we need Jesus this situation is different from all the homicides that is going on in St Vincent my cousin fell off a truck it’s just a bad accident that happened you cannot have backs St Vincent the way it used to be because situation and circumstances and the mindset of the new generation that is upcoming is causing all the killing that is going on not every death has something to do with a crime, people die of natural causes and accident such as my cousin’s read with understanding he fell off a truck not someone killing him or he being killed because of some gang situation, moving forward may your soul rest in eternal peace cousin

  3. May the Good Lord of Host be with us all. These are the last day ,and the word of God said the heart of men is wicked. How can anyone takes the life of another, its hard for me to comprehend. Have your way Lord Jesus only you can bring all this evil to an end.

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