August 13, 2020

21yro Bequia Resident Drowns Two Days Before 2018

News784 was informed that a resident on the island of Bequia lost his life due to drowning.

According to the information obtained, Akeem King lost his life at sea on Friday 29th December 2017 two days before the start of 2018.

News784 learnt that king, a 21yro of Union Level Bequia, went diving about 2 pm on Friday 29th December with his friend Errol Delplesche.

Delplesche who is from the village of Hamilton,  reported to the Police,  that around 3 pm he realized that King was under water for a long period of time, leading him to pull on his fishing gear, However, there was no presence of king.

The Report give way to a search by the Coast Guard and civilians, following which King’s body was retrieved.

The 21yro body was retrieved from the under the water offshore a small island named west key, on the southern side of Bequia.

King was pronounced dead when his body was brought ashore, Investigations are continuing.

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