2018 – 2019 Cruise Arrivals Set To Quadruple St Vincent’s Population

In 2017 St Vincent and the Grenadines received some 270 cruise calls according to data from the Ministry of Tourism.

Draft 2 for the 2018 season shows there would be 273 port calls to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The data also shows that total arrivals for the 2017 cruise season was 239,000, in 2016 data reveals arrivals of 121,000.

According to Minister of Tourism Ces McKie this year actual visitors from cruise calls would be 391,000 based on ships capacity and bookings.

Minister Mckie says that service providers can expect a bounty this cruise season.

McKie said tourism officials would travel to Puerto Rico in November to attend the FCCA conference, he says officials would use that time to have intense discussions with cruise companies seeking further calls to St Vincent.

The First Cruise Call to Port Kingstown on Thursday 1st November came with the docking of Azura.

 Cruise Ship Britannia would dock at port Kingstown on 8th November, this month is expected to see some 8 cruise calls to the island.


  1. Since we have been raising taxes as much and as fast as possible it has done tremendous destruction to our agrarian economy and turned us into a tourist country, although we can not compete with most of our neighbors in that industry. Because that is our reality today it is a good thing to have increased visits although the only people that really benefit are the taxi drivers. We know that the visits are because of the environmental destruction to other island nations and not because anything our government is doing.
    In spite of that I do not trust Mckie’s numbers. He has always been way-off with his numbers. They are always fantasy. He said we would have millions arriving at our new airport immediately after being built. I wish there were someone that could provide us with realistic predictions.

  2. The increase arrival in cruise tourist is highly commendable. I must say however the Government needs to invest a bit of the anticipated revenue in improving our beaches and other tourist sites. The Beaches at Villa and Indian Bay needs some immediate attention. The road to the Indian Bay beach needs to be properly repaired.
    Both beaches needs to be re-sanded. This means skimming Sand from sea floor in Chatham Bay, Union Island or other areas in the Greanadines or importing Sand from Guyana and have it deposited on both beaches. A proper garbage disposal system needs to be installed as well.
    The Government should also consider purchasing a portion of the frontage of the Balcombe Property to compensate for the resceding Indian Bay Beach or purchase the entire property and turn it into a National Park for visitors and locals. Finally, the Government should consider improving the Arnos Vale Beach.

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