19yro male dies, 21yro woman in stable condition

Following a shooting in Gomea last night the police are reporting the death of Orlando Jackson, AKA “ Young Money” 26yrs, of Cane End.

19yro Emry Holder of Belair was also shot in his head and about his body.

Holder a mechanic succumbed to his injuries sometime after 1 AM at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

A young woman Mendorra Simmons 21yro unemployed of Belair was shot in her left thigh and she is in stable condition.

It was reported the trio was walking in the vicinity of “Breast shop” close to the primary school in Gomea when a man in a hoodie walked up to them and started shooting.

Postmortem examination is expected to be performed on the bodies, this has brought the total number of homicides to thirty-seven (37).

The matter is being investigated by law enforcement.


  1. The accused man’s comments about “a war out there” in a recent Court hearing might be making sense; he ‘mussy’ really know something!

    • There is a war going on out there in the street no doubt about but those men that is saying it is part of the problem what they are doing now is telling because they got catch, but still the police should go knock on a few door ask a few question see what going on unless they are the one protecting these people while St.Vincent become’s the wild wild west, more young black men get killed off

  2. I know the young man very well he had a not so good criminal record. Along with his accused and associates they hold the community hostage. Duck wad accused of injuring a neighborhood business man some four years ago. He is a known gunslinger. Sad but RIP.

  3. @ Jame H you sound very stupid, what let me guess you never when to school either have any kind of common sense, go find a whole and stay there, its people like you, that hold back the one’s trying to make this bette

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