18yro Terrano Samuel In Custody In Relation To Attack On Woman At Indian Bay

Consequent upon a report made to the Calliaqua Police Station on Sept 11, 2018, by a 32-year-old female of Indian Bay, about an assault that occurred in the said Indian Bay, the Police launched an investigation into the matter.

During the investigations, the police later acquired footage from a video that was being circulated on Facebook showing a female being attacked by a male assailant in the said area.

The general public is hereby informed that Mr. Terrano Samuel, 18 yrs of Troumaca is in custody assisting the police with their investigation into this matter.

The commissioner of Police Mr. Colin John will like to thank the general public for providing valuable information that led to the arrest of Mr. Samuel and the officers attached to the Rapid Response Unit and those stationed at the Calliaqua and Chateaubelair Police stations for their prompt response in effecting the arrest of Mr. Samuel.


  1. I saw the video. I believe the bystanders who took the video should have called the police immediately or even intervened. The actions of the young man could have been potentially fatal or possibly turned out worse. It could have also been de-escalated with early intervention. Nonetheless, it was commendable they took the video.

  2. Youths and crimes
    Sir, many a time positions and posting of crime in SVG depends on which side I am on it is clearly in small outlet like us from our National Radio, TV, and the other privite entities.
    There must come a time in our NATIONAl Consciousness to have serious discussion on crime and effect on small Country like us. It is very sad looking in from distant,when speaking Vincentian out side and foreigners alike many already made up their mind not return home and others fear to visit. We can deny as must for political correctness and give fine speeches but it does give comfort to many so we to give assurances to our people that safety and security is part our plan thru Government or NGO,and other instritutions who may influences.
    Never before in the history of SVG that crimes that committed today by young children and adults from about 11yr to 30, From murders, stealing and kidnapping.
    We need to address why our youths are failing in this New Education Revolution Age. We can always to go around our failures and used other countries as scapegoat but will not change evidence of crimes each week.
    SVG is our home land far or near let our voices be heard against crimes, is not political, it effects all our colours and symbols and memes to all negatively. Finally give your support in any way possible to eradicate crimes from our youths it very painful.

    • Man our youths choose to fall for crime and go the wrong direction, it just the time we live in, coming up i was just as Broke and had nothing like some of them do, the different is parents were actually parents and the whole villages did rise up, not like today were no one care, the only thing they seem to think is the solution is to locked them up very sad

  3. Unfortunately crime is glamourized today in movies, music and on the block. Often someone who has gone to prison is seen as a hero. someone who has not been caught is an even bigger hero. With the police often being more corrupt than the criminals, they are certainly not role models for our youth, as it was in my years. People have less respect for the police than they do most criminals. Along with all the other things we need to do to reduce crime, we need to stop portraying criminals as role models and we should clean-up the police force. Throw out all the corrupt police officers or at least stop giving them promotions, based on party support instead of integrity.

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