16 students expelled between 2005-2016

During the period 2005 to 2010 6 students were expelled from secondary schools, while ten were dismissed from 2011 to 2016.

This was revealed by Minister of Education St Clair Prince during the meeting of the House of Assembly on Thursday.

Prince said that all of the students were eighteen years or older, with the majority being removed from the secondary system for behavioural issues after several interventions failed to rehabilitate them.

The education minister said that some of the students expelled were offered places the technical institutes as an alternative arrangement for furthering of their education and the learning of new skills.

Prince told parliament that others were advised to enrol in continuing education programs offered by the Adult Education Unit.

He said the ministry only resort to expulsion after giving students every opportunity to redeem themselves, including changing of their school environment.

A priority of the ministry he said is too make sure students stay in school. However, a few students upon turning 18 may be removed from the school system if and when they become a treat to the school population, or if they fail to meet the minimum academic standard.

Minister Prince noted that no student below the age of 18 is ever expelled. However, a number below that age exits the system on there own accord, having been offered a change of environment to continue their education at another school.

He said the ministry is working to reduce the number of dropouts at the secondary level.

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