One hundred and forty-four (144) young adults received their Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) on Thursday 11th October 2018 and are now better equipped to access employment.

In addressing the opening ceremony Minister of Education, Hon. St. Clair ‘Jimmy’ Prince, stated that the CVQ certification is an initiative under the At-Risk Youths and Adults (ANEW) programme. 

This programme, Minister Prince explained, “continues to facilitate access to training in the technical areas for Youths and Adults who are at risk, vulnerable and marginalized.

We recognize that there are several young Adults between the Ages 17-45 who have dropped out from the formal education system without achieving minimum levels of certification, and who are therefore at a disadvantage with regard to employability. 

This programme meets them where they are and seeks to lift them to a level of skills and competence where they can go forward.”

The Minister of Education noted that the government is placing emphasis on TVET and has introduced CVQ at the four Technical Institutes and has upgraded labs in some secondary schools to TVET. 

Minister Prince highlighted the role of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in funding major civil works, equipment/tools, furniture, supplies and curriculum support materials for Technical Institutes at Kingstown Campden Park, Barrouallie and Georgetown – Also at the Bequia Community High School and the Division of Technical and Vocational Education. 

He said they have also received resources from the World Bank that will go directly towards improving TVET in secondary schools.”

According to Minister Prince, the secondary schools TVET programme will include courses in Building Technology; Construction; Technical Drawing; Electrical Installation; Electronics; Food and Nutrition; IT; and Visual Arts. 

Minister Prince mentioned a graduation ceremony he attended earlier this week where “some 92 young people who were trained for five weeks by the Division of Technical and Vocational Education at the SVGCC. 

Those at-risk persons were trained in the areas of Refrigeration, Electrical Installation, Plumbing and Hospitality.  It was funded by the private sector group, the Mustique Charitable Foundation.” 

The awardees were drawn from the Kingstown, Georgetown, Campden Park and Barrouallie Technical Institutes. 


  1. All very nice and a most noble cause. The problem is the ULP government under the leadership and guidance of Ralph Gonsalves has destroyed most of the private industry in the island including agriculture. Unless industry and agriculture are restored and new industries created all these lovely young people will join the mountain of unemployed.

  2. So true dear, so true!
    Vincentians need to understand and learn that Government do not, repeat do not create jobs, businesses do, but Government need to create that “good environment” where businesses can grow, strive, expand and employ the people. A reliance upon this constant begging and hand out, puts us on a hiding to nothing and nowhere.
    Taxes need to be lowered, the civil service need be reduced, home grown businesses encouraged, then and only then, can we have that clean environment, good medical care and proper social services that the developed countries now enjoy.
    Instead what do we have? We have these decrepit, ramshackle, tumbledown, shabby milieu, that we see every day, together with the very poor service delivery that we now experience, not to mention this gross lack of job opportunities in the country.
    When will we learn?

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