1000lbs of pumpkin weekly, says Vincy Roti

Locally operated roti restaurant “VincyRoti” is not only having a significant impact on local cuisine, but on the purchasing of locally produced commodities by farmers of SVG.

In less than 3 months of operations, the establishment is using approximately 1000lbs of pumpkins weekly.

The owner of the company in an interview praised farmers for the very high quality of the local produce adding that there was something special about the taste of Vincentian agricultural products.

The roti restaurant has brought to SVG a menu of authentic Indian dishes and different types of roti. Pumpkin and curry mangoes are popular side dishes at the restaurant.

Three of the chefs are Trinidadian trained professionals and intend to take the emerging franchise throughout the OECS.

SVG was chosen as a base for the first establishment because of the historic ties between Trinidad and Tobago, and also due to a call by many Vincentians for a locally produced “Trini roti”, one worker stated.

The manager noted that Vincy Roti is here to stay and wishes to thank all farmers providing different commodities weekly.

The company intends to begin the purchasing of local chicken within a few weeks. This will create another market opportunity for local poultry farmers.