Condoms sell out as coronavirus spread

Australians have been panic-buying packs of condoms, believing they will help protect against coronavirus.

Thanh Thai, from Sydney, shared a picture of empty shelves after a store sold out of Durex contraceptives.
‘Can anybody please tell me what happened?’ she wrote alongside the picture.

Other mums told her that the panic-buying comes after a social media post encouraged people to use condoms to protect their fingers against the virus.

Thanh Thai took to the Ryde’s District Mum’s Facebook page to a picture of share empty shelves after a store sold out of the latex contraceptives.

‘There has been some stupid post telling people to put condoms on their fingers to press buttons etc,’ one user replied.

‘Perhaps a new marketing ploy, just use your clothed elbow to avoid more rubbish being placed in the environments,’ another added.

‘Beyond ridiculous,’ another added.

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