Scared to use your voice so all you have is your sight

By Glenroy W. Thomas

Scared to use your voice so all you have is your sight, social loafing is the norm so it’s alright. Stacked with bags the elderly passed by. “She needs help”, that’s all you say in your mind; your mind speaks more than your mouth do.

“She never asked me for help”, an excuse we make for not doing things right. Life is a mirror but the picture we get we refuse to see. I know that slipped you but it’s alright. If you were in the shoe of the elderly you would’ve wanted them to do things right.

See and blind, hear and deaf that’s the way we live towards one another but when placed into the situation we wished we would’ve been nicer to a brother. It’s like our mouth is a prisoner to our sight; we see things but all we do is talk. As we grow older our limbs disappear?

Strong and healthy but we act like if we’re living life in a wheelchair. It’s so funny we always seem to know the best way in which things should be done when we are not the ones doing it.

The answers to the problems in life we know them all. However, social loafing is the norm so it’s alright. If I see and you talk then maybe someone else will do it, Right?

You see that’s how we think and then by the time an action has been made things have already escalated. That’s the way we live, we let the egg rotten then we play the finger pointing game.

Do a reflection, speak less and act more. I am bringing you the action plan right to your door. See and do then you will hear about your good works.

Tell a friend help a friend sightseeing is the reward you get after work has end. Let your hands be your voice, let your work be the things people rejoice and never second guess yourself when making the right choice.

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