“Land Of My Birth” By Glenroy W. Thomas

Land of my birth I pledge to thee; There is no other place in this world I’ll rather be. I recently discovered that the Caribbean is made up of just three countries: The great Jamaica, the beautiful Barbados and the pleasure-seeking Trinidad and Tobago.

When we speak they ask if we are Jamaicans, when they see what our tourism has in store we are compared to Barbados, as crime becomes rampant they say we mirrored Trinidad.” Why complain? We are bigger and better’, said these three countries.

Who am I? Well I am a young concerned citizen just like you. Do you know how annoying it is when someone tries to convince you that you are speaking like a Jamaican or you are from there? Hmm, sounds familiar?

From the outside looking in I might be perceived as a hater. Contrary to that perception I am happy for these major countries. However, I am irate about our complacency in allowing the world to see the Caribbean as just three countries and we are their offspring.

Are we short on talent? Is it that we are just way behind time with promotion or talent development? I can hear the questions formulating in your mind about to be uttered. What is the government doing? What are the people of the nation doing to make us get that recognition we endeavor for?

Questions we so often asked but answers we so rarely get. Have you ever wondered why the West Indies team is comprised mostly of players from these three countries?

In my humble opinion, they are just more marketable, and it doesn’t give a true reflection of which country has the better-quality players. On that same note it is true that these countries have better facilities in place for talent development.

Despite the odds we were still able to make great artistes, musicians, athletes and the list goes on. However, it is evident that when some of these individual’s success story cloud their mind they align themselves with these countries rather than the land of their birth. Can they be blamed for doing so? Or do they play a role in promotion of our island?

We are too comfortable being in the back seat; time for us to take charge. Small we maybe but big can be the impact we make. United we should stand division and complacency no longer should be associated with us.

A winning mentality we should develop, it is time for us to remember our name “Hairouna, the land of the blessed”. Never forget the pledge me made everytime we recite it. “Land of my birth I pledge to thee, my loyalty and devotion, in all I think or say or do”.

Glenroy W. Thomas


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  1. Just kindly exercising my right to freedom of opinion and speech. While I love the country of my birth, I don’t believe in pledging devotion to a land. Rather, I believe that a person should pledge devotion to the Most High God and Creator. Genesis 1:1; Revelation 4:11. Show respect for the land and people but not worshipful honour to it as is displayed in the whole demeanour of those reciting the pledge or singing the national anthem.

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