I’m social media By – Glenroy Thomas

My name is social media have you heard about me yet? Maybe you have heard about my different personalities: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and snapchat. Wait I think I recognized you.

On this day 7 years ago you became friends with the person you are now engaged to. Do you enjoy using me? I try to make your social life fun but people keep slandering my name especially in church.

Can I let you in on a secret? These same individuals in church carry me to church every weekend. If you don’t see me just check their pockets I will be there hibernating until no one is watching.

I get blamed for teens committing suicide, i get blamed for failed relationships and friendships but is it my fault?

 I provide the platform for you to interact, whatever you do on my platform is on you. Let’s slow it down. Go to any of my links and sign up, do you see me telling you to post revealing pictures to get more likes?

Do you see me telling you to commit suicide so your name can be trending? I am held captive to these accusations while the real perpetrator(s) walk free.

Every action made gets a reaction. Some may love it, some may hate it, and some may be wowed. However, the question still remains. Is it my fault?

There are a lot of hurting people using my platform. They are the ones that mostly seem to appear as the happiest. They tend to post revealing pictures, generally sensual in their interaction but all they need is attention and they are willing to get it by all means. I made a call to my friend Google and he told me that such person generally has a case of histrionic personality disorder.

 If you don’t believe me ask Google yourself. Now tell me, does that sound like sometime I need to do or is it a job for their parents to do?

If you find yourself on my platform looking for attention and love it clearly shows that you are not getting it at home from your parents. My next question to you is how are you even on my platform posting revealing pictures and curse words at a teen age?

Oh I forgot to remember that your parents are supposed to be supervising you at such an age. If you are well taken care of at home then you will not be using my platform in ways it was not meant to be used.

Not everyone has a histrionic personality disorder. As a result, some actions may be misinterpreted but before we write people off, try to understand the reason they behave the way they do, you might just be in for a surprise.

By Glenroy W. Thomas