The Women Of Tomorrow

I had the privilege in taking part in The Girl Guides ‘The City Takeover’ of Kingstown with some of the most promising young rangers, guides and brownies of our generation.

It’s often us adults find ourselves living our lives day to day but forgetting to think about what the future could hold, it’s almost as though our pasts as adults prevent us from moving forward even though it should teach us to never stop moving.

These problems do not apply to these young ladies I marched through Kingstown with, who have yet to blaze their trails. Every step they take is forward, they see the day as an opportunity instead of an obstacle – yesterday was a lesson instead of a burden to carry.

Taking over the city was easy with the number of people who came out. The wave of people supporting this cause wasn’t only made up of the Girl Guides, you would also have found athletes, parents, artists, and most notably our special guest Hon. Lisa Hanna the minister of youth and culture from Jamaica.

It was impossible for me to not smile every time someone would pose for the camera, whether it be serious or silly faces. The entire day had a true infection of happiness where all the people involved, even those who watch on from the sides of the streets would comment on how much they enjoyed the walk.

Once the walk was finished we proceeded to Girl Guides Headquarters to listen to the speech of Hon. Lisa Hanna, but before the speech they had to fire up their spirits again – which they did in true Caribbean fashion.

And It certainly wouldn’t be a party without the Prime Minister of St.Vincent Dr Hon. Ralph Gonsalves stopping by to join in.

The party left all the Girl Guides and guests (even photographers and their equipment) covered in powder. But fun is not mutually exclusive from wisdom, which Lisa so eloquently expressed both through her presence and words in the speech she presented to the eager young ladies.

It was a fantastic day that we all will remember with joy and we are so lucky to have been able to say we were there. Thank you to all who came out and especially those who brought their hearts and minds to share with.

Republish with permission from Stephan Hornsey (THE LENS PEN) Orginal Article can be found here

All photos used in this article are the property of Stephan Hornsey and used with permission.

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