Parent Worried About Bullying At Stephanie Brown Primary

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I am becoming increasingly concerned about bullying that has been taking place at the Stephanie Brown Primary School, and the unprofessionalism that it is being dealt with.

Upon a number of upsetting incidents taking place at the school the one that was very disturbing, was a child head being slammed into a desk resulting in injury, when the legal guardian inquired about the incident she was told to go to the police and station and request that information.

Is it that the police are the ones who are supervising the student when dropped off at school.

Why must a child be suspended and taken out of learning session when he/she was not being disruptive or breaking school conduct code.

Bullying at school is an age-old problem, and until recently, many took the “children will be children” attitude toward the issue. However, school violence cases can be severe and sometimes deadly.

 I am sure you aware of what is bullying. Why programs aren’t in place to help student express their emotion, or are we going to lie on the phrase “ Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never”, But words do hurt.

Why must a principal tell a student body to stay away from a particular child, isn’t this promoting bullying?

Is it a crime for a parent/guardian to inquire about his/her child’s safety at school.

 As you can imagine this is a matter of urgency for myself and I am hoping this is being brought to the attention of the public, while the legal case is being dealt with through the Ministry of Education.

Concerned Parent 


  1. Help Clarify the truth of the situation. Because the mere fact remains is bulling not being addressed in schools why is the matter being shoved under the carpet. Are we waiting on death or serious injuries to then look into the matter

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