Now The Show Is Over

Colin Graham FB

In Less than two weeks after being announced as a prospective candidate for East St George, Colin “ Hitman,” Graham has withdrawn from the race following talks with his party.

In a release to the media by the NDP, Graham was quoted as saying;

“in light of recent public comments about matters relating to his personal life, he does not wish to hinder the activities and work of the Party or to be a distraction to its agenda for change”.

And with that statement, Graham’s speedy entrance into elective politics was over.

Well,  now that the show is over. From this point on, I believe the nation as a whole is expecting that the outrage shown on the issue of domestic violence will continue.

Over the past few days, there was widespread condemnation where this young man was concerned, involving his abusive relationship with his girlfriend or ex.

From radio announcers to politicians who got involved in airing their view on this sordid affair their voices will now have to be the advocates for change in the matter of domestic violence, or will they go silent?

It is stated that on this rock, real issues last only nine days, would the original voices do the same in this regard, will they continue to compare Graham situation to that of Monique Clarke and Vesta Rawlins who died at the hands of abusers.

Let us put these Radio Announcers, Political Commenters and Politicians to the test to see if it was more than political.

Let us see the other issues of abuse being raised with the vengeance Colin’s situation was dealt with on Facebook and in the broadcast media

Am holding my breath, please don’t allow me to die.

Frustrated Vincentian

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