Message From Leslie Joseph Buckland Jr. Of Jamaica To Vincentians

There is One True God.  He created the universe.  He is the ruler of the universe.  He is the ruler of all governments.  He is the ruler of all nations.

Nations and their governments are obligated to follow His Commands.  These Commands are written in the Holy Scriptures.  One of the Commands of God is that sexual desires and sexual intercourse must be restricted to the marriage relationship of one man and one woman.

Therefore homosexuality and lesbianism is an offence against God.  Buggery is the way that men have sex with men.  Hence buggery is forbidden by God.  Any government, which tries to legalize buggery, is showing great disrespect to God, and He will punish them in this present time by an epidemic of sexually transmitted infections, especially H.I.V., an increase in deaths, and on the day of Judgement, He will send government leaders, who try to change the law that forbids buggery, into hell-fire.

I, therefore, in the Name of Jesus Christ, call upon the court not to abolish the law that forbids buggery, but to hold firmly on to this law.

If you abolish this law, you will open the legal gate to same-sex marriage, to children being adopted by same-sex couples, to photographers being required against the Law of God and against their consciences to photograph same-sex weddings, to bakers being required against the Law of God and against their consciences to bake cakes for same-sex weddings, to ministers of religion being required to perform same-sex marriages, to counsellors being required not to counsel people to get them free from same-sex attraction, to transgender people having the right to use the restroom of their preferred gender, to transgender people having the right to be addressed by their preferred personal pronoun, and to anti-discriminatory laws being passed, making it a crime to say that homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism is a violation of God’s Law.

Remember that God created a woman for the first man, gave the woman to the man, and joined her and the man together in marriage, for the purpose of reproducing children and training the children to be godly.  (See Gen.2:18,21-24;  1:26-28;  Mal.2:15)  A man and another man cannot reproduce children.  A woman and another woman cannot reproduce children.

Therefore sex was not made for two men or two women, but only for one man and one woman in the marriage relationship until the death of one of the marriage partners.  Same-sex couples cannot train their children to be godly, when they themselves are in an ungodly relationship.

Remember that God says that men having sex with men is an abomination, that is, He hates the act.  (See Lev.18:22)  Remember that God says that both lesbianism and homosexuality are “against nature”, “vile”, and an “error”, which will be punished in the person’s body, and with eternal punishment in hell-fire!  (See Rom.1:26-27;  1st Cor.6:9-10;  Rev.22:14-15–N.B.  “dogs”mean “sodomites” or men who have sex with men)  Remember also that Sodom and Gomorrah were burned to ashes with fire and brimstone from heaven!  (See Gen. Chapter 19)

But, if you repent of your sins, by being sorry for your sins and by giving up the practice of your sins, and by doing what God has commanded, and you put your faith in the blood of Jesus Christ and in His resurrection from the dead, and you confess Jesus as your Lord, and are baptized, you can be forgiven of your sins, be given the power to overcome same-sex attraction, and have the hope of a place in the Kingdom of God, where there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain and no more tears.  (See Acts 3:19;  Rom.5:1-2, 8-10;  Rom.10:9-10;  Acts 2:38;  Rev.21:4)

Yours sincerely,

Brother Leslie Joseph Buckland Jr. (Child of God)