HS Phaktor Reunited For Vincy Mas 2017

All seven original band members reunited. Back row: Kamal Archibald- Franklyn Antrobus- Max-Ethan Providence Front row:Rayon “Maddzart ” Primus - Shaunelle Mc Kenzie - Bomani Charles- Grantley “ savage” Dabreo

After seven years of solo acts, lead vocals of HS Phaktor will reunite on stage for Vincy Mas 2017.

Dubbed  “Project 2017”, the band’s reunification was born out of fans request, and the members need to showcase individual talents as a creative whole.

Shaunelle Mckenzie along with Orande “Bomani” Charles and Rayon “Maddzart” Primus sat down to speak with News784.

Was It Was A Task To Get The Band Reunited

McKenzie told News784 that when the idea of “Clash of the Bands” was re-introduced as part of activities for this year’s carnival, she took the initiative to reach out to other band members who indicate their willingness to see HS Phaktor as a unit one more time.

Primus also had his take on reuniting;  “The good thing about the band is that it never fell apart because of any animosity, so here today you have the seven original founding members back together along with other individuals who played with the band before”.

“And while many of the 7 went through different bands, we would have seen the misfortunes in such,  and was able to keep our group from heading through stormy waters, hence the reason we were able to pull it back together in such a quick time”, Maddzart said.

So What Can Fans Expect From the Band In 2017

With 15 -17 titles between the three veteran artists expectations are high for Vincy Mas 2017, Rayon Maddzart Primus told News784, HS Phaktor Musicians and Vocalists are among the cream of the crop, so its output regarding quality can be no less.

The “Wet” singer Orande “Bomani” Charles, however, stated that his expectations are for HS Phaktor not only to showcase themselves among  the fan base but a to a new generation of revellers, this would be done through the experience gained over the years,  “we are still young at what we do”, Charles told News784.

“Hopefully we get the opportunity to go into communities the way bands use to do in early times, we look forward to performing on the Leeward and Windward side of the country and with a bit of luck, a turn or two in the Grenadines”.

On New Music For 2017

For 2017 the artists are already enjoying a string of new music with Maddzart indicating to News784 that he has six songs with one one more on the way, both Mc Kenzie and Charles have two New releases so far.

“We are solo artists all three of us, before the reunification of the band came into focus we had already put plans in place to record music for Vincy Mas, that plan has not changed”, Mc Kenzie said.

What is new she indicated,  is that patrons would be able to hear all of those songs as the band performs together for the season.

What Happens After “Project 2017”

Honestly we are just rolling with the punches right now, part of the plan is for us to do our own thing, not just sit and wait on a promoter or somebody to come hire us,” Mc Kenzie said.

Mc Kenzie further told News784 that it is not a matter of keeping the band together until 2018 or 2020, we are just taking it one day at a time, and look forward to the future with confidence.

Charles also shared the same sentiments and expressed that once the spirit moves them in 2018, they certainly will be there for the fans.

Band Members

Kamal Archibald- Keyboard

Franklyn Antrobus – Drummer

Lonzel “Gizzo” Dabreo –Programmer

Grantley “ savage” Dabreo-Guitar

Max-Ethan Providence- Bass

Rayon  “Maddzart ” Primus -Vocalist

Shaunelle Mc Kenzie -Vocalist

Bomani Charles- Vocalist

Lonzel “Gizzo” Dabreo –Programmer