Hiljana Biba Begins Tour Of European Countries

Hiljana Biba an 18-year-old girl from Albania is currently involved in the world of painting, cinema and literature.

Initially, she drew attention to the short films, which transmitted interesting messages, and recently with the fiction novel “Call me Julia”.

The book has been published online on Booksie, and has been featured in the most read Young Adult Top50 for weeks. She also won a prize in this site.

As mentioned in some Western radio stations and in the writings of foreign bloggers, Hiljana has started her Tours in some European countries, where book lovers will gather to hear this novel.

Mentions in the book is a series of social phenomena such as bulimia, drugs, premature pregnancy and so on.

During these meetings, the book translated into English will be promoted.

For now, Hiljana is developing a book tour and is also creating a new kind of painting, combining 3D materials and shapes. All the paintings themselves contain a message, especially a feminist one.

What’s the book about?

Julia, the main character, is a typical teenager of modern times, with her best and most important flaws. It will revolve around real society, family relationships, talents and dreams.

“In its congestion and dynamism, I’m sure everyone will discover someone of themselves” – says the author.

 The next tour will be held in Rome. Immediately after the novel is published in English, a publication in Italian should be introduced to the market.

 On the other hand, Hiljana is trying to bring together the right people to create a charity center in Italy, linked to that (SmilesHope) that is in Tirana.