August 6, 2020

Family Need Answers Urgently

LETTER SENT TO NEWS784: We have published this letter as it was sent.

I sit down today through all of the grief and distress to write this article on the recent death of my uncle Curtis Lindie.

My uncle died in Barbados on August 10th 2018 at his home. An ambulance was called whilst my uncle was still alive but in the fatal last minutes of his life, The ambulance failed to show up which resulted in my uncle’s passing.

The body then was transported the same day to the St. Michael’s hospital by family members in Barbados.

When the family inquired about the autopsy report, we were made aware that autopsies are only performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Therefore the following Tuesday and Thursday from the date of death would have been the 14th and the 16th of August.

It is now the 30th of August and we the family are still yet to receive the autopsy results.

When the family enquired, we received an email addressed by the Consulate General of Guyana in Barbados, Ms. Cita Pilgrim on the 28th.

The letter stated that “Mr. Lindie’s body is at waithe’s Funeral home. His death Certificate is awaiting signature by the coroner either this afternoon or tomorrow.

After that, the certificate goes to the registry. Mr. waithe of the funeral home said his contact there will call him as soon as the certificate goes to the registry.”

 The family is extremely frustrated since we are waiting to have the body transported to the deceased home country Guyana. Family members are in debt and costs keep arising from the continuous payments to the funeral home for the preservation of the body.

Now based on my research preliminary results for an autopsy can be released anywhere within 24hrs since it takes 2-4 hrs to be performed.

The family needs answers and needs to be compensated for the inconvenience.

What is the process of the Barbadian autopsy report? Why does it take so long for a coroner to sign off on a death certificate? What is causing the delay? Isn’t the autopsy supposed to be already done, due to decaying flesh? Why is it so hard for the family to get in contact with the “right people”? Does the Coroner know the amount of money being spent to hold the body?

 These are questions that should be answered.


Lilia Mohamed (niece of the deceased)

Image of email sent by Cita Pilgrim (Consulate General of Guyana in Barbados)

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