We Can’t Allow Foreign DJs To Disregard Our Music In Our Festival

Local Disc Jockey Jude Sheperd said he is angered by the influx of foreign DJs that take part in St Vincent’s main cultural festival, Vincy Mas.

Sheperd speaking on Xtreme Radio on Sunday said; “see if this makes any sense to you, you had a St Lucian DJ here playing Trinidad music in our festival, you left St Lucia and came to SVG to play South music”. What sense does that make at all?

“This is how I feel when we have Carnival, and we have our product, you should come over and enjoy it, enjoy what we have to offer, and our DJs are part of that package”.

Sheperd said he does not think these foreign DJs do us any justice by coming to our festival to promote themselves.

The Disc Jockey said he is proposing a solution to this vexing issue, and hope those in charge of Vincy Mas would take it on board.

“My solution is, in the carnival, we are putting forward our product, you see the promoters who are bringing them in, they should pay a tax, a special tax, that would deter these foreign DJs from even thinking about coming here to work for the season”.

“A special carnival work tax, yes, because these guys do a session for US $1000 up to US $8000”.

“So here is the marketing strategy, I am a promoter, I bring three DJs I keep them over here, and I sell them to other promoters, that is the market now”.

Sheperd said, in this regard the local DJs are sideline. “Imagine you are a tourist in Germany seeing a Vincy Mas video on Youtube for the first time, and you ask who is that DJ, only to hear he is St Lucian”. What does that do for us?

Shepherd said if he leaves SVG to go to Trinidad, Barbados or St Lucia, he is going to enjoy their festival. The local Disc Jockey said he wants to Know why they should be here in our major festival trying to scheme some money.

“Why are promoters paying them (speaking of Foreign DJs) US $2000, and trying to tell me they could only pay me $400 and $ 500”.

Shepherd said he has no problem with Foreign DJs coming to play for a show; it should be allowed.

“But when it comes to Vincy Mas it should be next to impossible for you to work, especially since the music you play does not promote our artists”.

“So once again on the promoter, a ( Special Tax) that makes these DJs, if they are going to work, some of your payment will remain with the CDC”.


  1. If they don’t play local music shut them down no question ask. That should be one of the criteria for them to play in our carnival.

  2. Vincy DJs play on the road in other islands too. Maybe he should market his talent better! It’s all about marketing and building a brand:

  3. very narrow minded. Vincy ‘djs should be able to work elsewhere in any carnival. why deprive vincentians from from hearing top quality djs. you need to look beyond St. Vincent.

  4. I disagree that u he is saying the DJ’s “scheming” Every Dj has a right to play anywhere and build their brand. However one should include some local music in his session

  5. It doesn’t make any sense a st.lucian dj play Trinidad music in Vincy carnival only because it’s not about Trinidadians music the festival was base on vincentian so I think that the music should be local music playing if he or she wants to switch up the music to play a Trini song in between or even a Lucian song then I see know problem but if he or she was playing Trini songs only then it does make absolutely Kno sense at all.

  6. All this is a must promote ur own it’s vincy mass so Olay vincy music…I live and work in St kitts and I have never once heard any other music other Than their local music on the road for their carnival and I’ve been her for 8 years

  7. Do they play songs from the tents? I probably missed the radio station playing music from the tents.

  8. We should first find out why it was necessary to bring them in.

    There are Vincy DJ’s in Tortola, and many other islands.

    There is an agreement between St. Lucia and SVG where people can come and work. When these people are hired the condition should be for carnival we only playing local music.

  9. Scratchmaster…One of the best DJs of Caribbean music in the world. Lives in Barbados and works in other islands…One music, One love.

  10. I don’t think that anyone is against foreign DJ coming here to work, However, they must respect what we have. You can’t go to a super market buy rum and then go to a bar, sit and drink. Tell me what will happen.

  11. I’m a promoter/Dj I understand your out cry, but overall we are all Caribbean people. It shouldnt matter where the DJ came from but they should include the country’s music during carnival mainly and little from elewhere.You have people from all over coming to your Carnival, so nothing is wrong if the DJ drop a few songs from other Caribbean islands. However the main focus should be on Vinici Mas it’s culture and it’s people. But to state such about other DJ from coming is a no no unless he don’t want to travel elsewhere to dj.

    • I agree as Caribbeans we should support each others music but it is a disrespect to the island’s local DJ’s and their music if they are being paid considerably less than than the outsiders.

  12. Caribbean Unity? This same DJ from St Lucia that the promoter so “eloquently” spoke of is the same person who upon return to St Lucia on his home station was promoting and introducing to St Lucians many of St Vincent’s popular songs for their carnival. He has also continued to do so in the many events he has played here in St Lucia for their carnival. So the moral of the story is stop the hypocrisy! Soca music is ours, one thing that unifies us among other things don’t bring the negativity into it.

  13. Yes the foreign DJ’s should do their homework on the local music, but there is a reason promoters hire them. They are good at their jobs that people are WILLING to spend their money to see & hear them. If they don’t want to spend money on local only products, is that a problem with the people or the product?

  14. Well Yes Mr.DJ
    You Were Making A Little Sense Before Stating The Foreign DJs Coming To Vincy Mas To Scheme Money…….The Promoters Are The Ones Employing The DJs And Thus They Are The Ones Who Request The Foreign Music In Your Carnival…..!
    Maybe The Need It To Add Something Different To Your Product……! Questions Are The Revellers Complaining About The Mix In The Music!
    Mr. DJ Package What You Have And Take It To The Promotors……Thank You!!

  15. I think you’re upset bruh.. they didn’t give you the contract.. it’s like saying they as well shouldn’t bring regional artists to perform in carnival events… Crop over.. u would hear other caribbean songs.. Trini carnival.. the same. Stop watching close.. Vincy tunes don’t hit the rank anyway.. and yes I’m a Vincy.. all you Vincy dj play is the few songs we have and Jamaican dancehall .. I don’t get your point

  16. Mr DJ its clear that money is the issue with you. How in the hell can you dictate what music a DJ plays foreign or domestic. Your product can’t be that good if promoters have to bring DJ’s from outside. Quit complaining and work on your Dj skills. in case you don’t know protectionism is not the solution.

  17. I only want to ask this dj a few questions? What is your ultimate dream as a dj? Would you not want or love the opportunity as a dj to tour and spread your brand to other places? Do you really believe sitting in your unrecognized position and not working on your brand and making these closed minded statements is helping you? And are you saying that the world owe you recognition! No sir they don’t u have chosen your career it is up to you to build yourself to the level where promoters don’t have a choice but to have you on their events in st vincent or anywhere else. And for you info the dj that you spoke of has wirked hard to be ranked amongst the rest, he have had moments of his growth where he longed for the recognition also but instead of thinking anyone owed him any free pass he did his homework and built his brand! So get to working and change your thinking cause it will hinder your process!

  18. I hope this DJ never leaves St Vincent to go play anywhere in the world. That would make him a “Foreign DJ” and totally unacceptable to another country! How absurd and close-minded for someone in the music industry!! #DamnProudLucian

  19. This dj is very salty and sad. The above talked about dj comes over to play for vincy mass and still promotes and big up Vincy music where ever he plays in St. Lucia. The same way throughout the Caribbean when its carnival you get soca songs being played from around. Why try to bring down the unity that soca music bring. Let’s all come together as one Caribbean and push one another craft.

  20. Why is this even a topic? Music is universal and it should brings us together, not tear us apart.

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