Vincy Revellers Breathe! Oxygen Is Here

If your fantasies for mas includes a day on the road in Rio or an exotic night in Copacabana well Oxygen Mas band is your best option.

Oxygen Mas one of the newest band for Vincy Mas 2017, was launched under the open skies at La Colina on Saturday night 4th March.

Our first impression of the aesthetics superseded “wow”, lights and colours on the stage fitted well with the night, which had a moderate wind flow with the temperature hovering around 28 degrees celsius.

But once the show got on the road, and the first costume touched the catwalk,  it was all screams for what patrons told News784 exceeded all of their expectations.

The waiting audience which including up to 85 percent youths,  told News784,  that their wait for Oxygen Mas launch was worth it and will definitely be a game changer with revellers.

Our reporters noted quite a fair amount of children in the midst and inquired why you aren’t in bed, their response was, and “we are hoping at least Oxygen will have something for the kids.

Well, Oxygen did not disappoint, as Uncle Skinny presented a surprise section for children called Blu and Jewel, the kids, well they were overjoyed and you know the rest.

Oxygen on Saturday night showcased 6 sections including:

Favela: This has fun and flirty colours and perfect for a masquerader who loves purple.

Metropolitano: for a masquerader who wants a sexy covered up costume this is your costume.

Night Fall On Copacabana: Made and designed by Vincentian designer Lisa Cordice, Nightfall on Copacabana is for the masquerader who wants to Rock Poshelle.

Blu and Jewel: SURPRISE!!! How could Oxygen leave the out the kids? Uncle Skinny made sure such did not happen. Oxygen Mas children section is here.

Samba Na Lapa: Red and Blue two of your favourite colours? Samba Na Lapa is the section for you.

Nossa Senhora: Revellers are you ready for Oxygen Mas 2017? Well, this section, the Skinny Fabulous Section is yours.

Models for the night were made possible by Image modelling agency, designers for costumes included Vincentian Lisa Cordice and Trinidadian Nakita Hyatali.

Registration for all sections are now open and can be made at band house located at the old flow building, lower Bay Street. For those living in the diaspora and wishing to play mas with Oxygen, visit and Oxygen Mas Facebook.

Oxygen Mas band is owned by young entrepreneurs Karen and Carol Veira

Left to Right: Skinny Fabulous, Esworth Roberts and Karen Veira

News784 have attended all the launches so far, our take is that Vincy Mas will never be the same again, with renewed vigour and enthusiasm by revellers EVO 4.0 made its appearance at the right time, and with new creativeness by young and upcoming band owners, there is only one word for carnival in SVG (Revolutionized).

By Ernesto Cooke

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