Vincentian Singer Clairon Haynes To Release New Music

Clairon Haynes debuted her GOSPEL MUSIC MINISTRY in 2015 with her 1st song that she has recorded entitled YOU REIGN SUPREME” and has been able to take a piece of world’s heart that is reserved for music.

The song was released on NBC RADIO, EZZEE RADIO, and JEM RADIO in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That same year it has captured the attention of the SVG AMP AWARD committee when they saw it deemed fit to be NOMINATED along with 4 other gospel artists for an AWARD in the category “GOSPEL SINGLE OF THE YEAR.”

Although it did not win the award,  Clairon felt that her WIN was in the NOMINATION and not the actual trophy. In 206 Clarion released a second single (REGGAE GENRE) entitled “I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU LORD” on several radio stations in CANADA, USA, and SVG along with her 1st MUSIC VIDEO now on You Tune and was aired nationally on SVG TV.

The song has wooed the hearts of her fans as they turn to it when they need to hear from the Lord. This year the song has been NOMINATED by the SVG AMP AWARD for an award for GOSPEL SINGLE OF THE YEAR.

This is the 2nd song off her DEBUT ALBUM of 14 tracks that are halfway through its completion that has been nominated by a PROFESSIONAL MUSIC AWARD COMMITTEE,  she credits God who is her guide and inspiration.

In 2016 and 2017 Clairon has been busy again in the music recording booth trying to finish her remaining songs for her album which is still in production. She writes all of her songs, pays for the productions, owns the label CLAIRON HAYNES PRODUCTIONS, owns the MASTERS of her songs, and is the sole PUBLISHER of her music.

She now has several of them on iTunes, Google play music store; amazon etc. for purchase download goes at 99 cents per song.

In the week of APRIL 21, 2017 Clarion will begin her campaign RELEASING her NEW SINGLE worldwide. The song is entitled “JESUS GOT MY BACK” and it is a gospel soca genre.D.J. TARRUS out of SVG features on the song. When a person is going through trying time in life they need to be reminded ever so often that JESUS GOT THEIR BACK in spite of the circumstance in life.



D.J. Tarrus MORNING GLORY SHOW Time: about 8:30 AM Sunday APRIL 23.

NBC Radio on April 21 (Friday) at 11:40 AM on the JOYFUL PRAISE show with Host Javel Frank.


Arrington Raguette EZEE GOSPEL SHOW Time: 5:40 PM.

ITUNES/AMAZON/GOOGLE PLAY and all other online music stores worldwide

DATE: April 23 2017.


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