Jamaica: Village Ram retires at age 73

(JAMAICA STAR) – Tired of breaking hearts and wrecking marriages, 73-year-old Sterling Campbell says he will be retiring from his job as a ‘village ram’.

Campbell, who is known in his Westmoreland community of Maxfield as Ram Puss, said his days of womanising were “long and tiresome” and it is time for them to end.

“I think my time come. Mi don’t want to mash up nobody else love life,” said Ram Puss, who claims to have slept with more than 100 women across 12 of Jamaica’s 14 parishes.

The father of eight said he has lost track of the names of many of the women with whom he has slept.

Ram Puss, who was born in Chester Castle, Hanover, said the only places he has not slept with women are Portland and St Mary.

“All other places mi travel and sleep with mi woman them,” Campbell said. “Right now mi have woman a Chester Castle and other places that I can push them door anytime, eat, drink, play, and sleep if I don’t want to leave til next morning.”

Delva Murray, a resident of Maxfield, said tales of women fighting over Ram Puss are plenty.

“As simple as how him say it, it’s a fact… His exploits are well known, but he is also a proud father, caring for all the children that he fathered,” Murray said.

But if he were to live his life all over again, would Ram Puss take it upon himself to be ‘village ram’?

“Maybe I would not take so many women from their partners. I mashed up a few relationships,” he said.

Meanwhile, Joyce Hewlett, executive director of Woman Incorporated, has described Ram Puss’ promiscuous behaviour as disgraceful.

“This is totally unacceptable, the fact that anyone can be willing to associate themselves with such behaviour,” she said.

“In the past, this was known to be the general attitude among Jamaican men, but we sense that in recent years that it is changing. Our women must understand that this is not acceptable and put greater value on themselves,” she said.


    The self-confessed ram’s days of ‘…womanizing’
    are over.
    If that was part of the culture then, why would
    anyone despise or demonize him for his past
    No more threat. Can’t roam or ‘scram’ anymore.

  2. Remember in massa days the Black man was used as a stud.That is why the great Marcus Garvey once said a person without the knowledge, history and culture is like a tree without branches. Ram Pus retiring is no solace, you are just carring out the act for which you were once programmed.

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