August 6, 2020

I Am Not "Gay" Says Nolly B

A disc jockey and promotional hype man is attempting to clear the air on rumours currently circulating on social media.

Nolly Bennette aka Nolly B, is refuting accusations recently shared via the WhatsApp media platform and also on Facebook surrounding him.

The poster alleges that Bennette was caught in a compromising position with another male, and this Bennette vehemently dismisses as a complete falsehood.

In a one-on-one interview with News784, on Tuesday afternoon Nolly B says that he was told while on the job by his superiors,  of a message they had received about an apparent facebook posting in which his person was being defamed.

“ That have nothing to do with me, they are trying to defame my character, that cannot pull me down”.

“ since I have known myself I have never been involved in any acts of homosexuality, I can tell you here and now that I would be seeking and aggressively seeking to find out the individual or individuals involved in posting such defamatory comments on social media, I was never involved in such an act.”

Bennette has already sought legal advice from lawyer Grant Connell,  who as of Thursday afternoon instructed him on a number legal steps to begin the process.

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