Ahdrenalin “We pioneered the feather revolution locally”

This is the sentiment expressed by Flow Ahdrenalin Carnival as it launched its 2017 presentation “Revolution” last Friday, 23rd February 2017.

According to the band, Revolution was inspired by the band’s journey throughout the years and its bravery for answering the call from masqueraders for a more sensual, lightweight, regionally and internationally-appealing kind of mas.

Band leader Errol “Monty” Fraser stated, “Ahdrenalin is the first band to truly break from what was considered mas tradition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In SVG, we were accustomed to the bulky, literal interpretations of mas with a stick in your hand for the entire day.

However, when Ahdrenalin decided to partake in Vincy Mas, we wanted differently for Mas”. Fraser also expressed that their approach to mas, which now have widespread appeal throughout SVG, was initially always met with much resistance from the CBA – Carnival Bands Association, and even other traditional mas bands.

Revolution by Flow Ahdrenalin Carnival consists of six sections – Zenith, Modern Art, Legacy, Culture, Future and Creation – which include female frontline and backline costumes, as well as males with prices ranging from $550EC to $1395EC.

The band, which is in high spirits already for the season, stated that it expects 2017 to be a watershed year for Vincy Mas, as it would be the first year and the first major cultural festival following the opening of the Argyle International Airport.

As they move on from the launch, the band wishes to thank Flow, Hairoun, Grenadine House, Image Modelling Agency, as well as all the patrons who attended their after work Carnival showcase last Friday.

At present Ahdrenalin has an early registration special of $125EC discount and masqueraders can register by visiting www.ahdrenalin.com or visiting their mas tent at Frenches Gate Monday – Friday 4-6pm.

Vincy Mas is swiftly approaching as Flow Ahdrenalin Carnival launched its 2017 presentation “Revolution” last Friday, Feb 23rd, 2017.

According to a release from the band, Revolution as ideally chosen as it celebrates 10 years of existence as an entity, though their first Vincy Mas presentation came a year later in 2008.

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