Teshurn Sayers Charged With The Murder Of Odanald Nanton

Barbados ,murder, 2019

Police have arrested and charged Teshurn Sayers, 26 years old Labourer of Brighton with the offence of Murder on 19.08.19.

According to investigations, Sayers allegedly caused the death of Odanald Sylvan Nanton, 41 years old Contractor of Diamond by shooting him about his body with a gun. The incident occurred at Diamond on 16.08.19.

The accused is expected to appear before the Serious Offences Court for an arraignment.

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  1. I could remember this guy brother kill a guy from Brighton a few years ago he stab the guy in his neck and now he kill a guy from Diamond his brother kill the guy high noon in Brighton and he went to jail and some guys in jail beat him to death in jail so the same how his brother kill the guy from Brighton high noon is the same way them guys in jail kill his ass
    So people don’t be surprised if they kill his ass in jail.
    His brother eat from the guy pot sleep in the guy house and turn around and stab him in his neck in his own place

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