Rillan Hill: Man charged with allegedly Burglarising house of Police Officer

Police arrested and charged Gregory Decaul, a 49 year Unemployed of Mahoe, Campden Park for the offences of Burglary, Damage to Property and Handling Stolen goods.

According to investigations, Decaul allegedly (i) entered the dwelling house of a Police Officer of Rillan Hill and stole a quantity of items value $2,177.00ECC and $120USD, (ii) damaged one white metal door value $615.00ECC and other items value $793.00ECC.

The suspect was also charged along with Philson King, a 36 year old Labourer of Murrays Village for having in their possession a quantity of Alcoholic Beverages reasonably suspected to be stolen or unlawfully obtained, in Kingstown about 12:00pm on 03rd November 2018.