Police investigate death of man at Diamond

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News784 have received reports of a shooting in the Diamond area. According to the information a man succumbed to injuries he received from gunshots.

The man goes by the alias “ SYL”.

Residents told News784 that the area needs a mobile station due to a high proliferation of guns in the community.

Police are currently on the scene, we will update as more info comes to hand.


  1. There they go again, after a long while as I listened I heard no news of such, thinking ok they smartened up..but NO the fat lady have to sing first…for Peace sake do something,come up with a stragedy,ministers of security,it’s your job to secure…

  2. Minister of security must come up with a stragedy why they don’t learn to be keep them ass still
    Other countries or States have shooting and you don’t hear their prime ministers nor their president talk shit

  3. The minister is a loss himself as to what to do. I reminded you of that because of a question he asked at a town hall meeting he held at crown heights that I was absolutely stunned by. He asked, “Wey he could do if a man decides to kill his wife/woman”? A question like that from the person whose responsibility is the security of the nation tells me two things. (A) That he accepting this as normal behavior, and (B) he had no plan or strategy for dealing with the increase in violence in the society. Obviously, Pan against crime has proved to be an ineffective solution to the problem. But I guess in their minds it’s working wonders.

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