Paul’s Avenue Resident Shot By Unknown Assailant

A resident of Paul’s Avenue was shot earlier on Sunday afternoon. Police  told News784 that Juanza Frazer alias “sanga” was shot by an unknown assialant.

He was rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. His condition was unknown at the time of this publication.

Last evening 9 persons were shot while liming at a shop in Diamond, that community is located in the East St George Constituency.

The month began with the discovery of a body with a gunshot wound to the head in Belmont, the individual was later identified as Calvert Pierre of Kelbourney.


  1. All this VIOLENCE in St. Vincent should be laid at the feet of the Prime Minister. All his cursing and denigrating of women does not help either. There doesn’t seem to be any LAW and ORDER on the MAINLAND. The Criminals and the Police are the one’s with the Guns while regular Citizen’s are being left to FEND for themselves and are being killed like Flies in St. Vincent. Folks You are Jeopardizing your peaceful way of life by be staying silent to this travesty going on in SVG by Dictator Ralph Gonsalves..

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