Ottley Hall Man Charged With Allegedly Stabbing Fellow Resident

(Jay Brown) – Police arrested and charged Collin Providence, 25 year old Labourer of Ottley Hall (i) for unlawfully and maliciously wounding a 31 years old Vendor also of Ottley Hall.

According to investigations, Providence stabbed the complainant on the left side of his head and the left side of his body with a knife.

The incident occurred at Ottley hall on the 06th October 2018 about 6:20pm.  (ii) Providence was also charged for assaulting a 25 year old Self Employed woman of Ottley Hall by chasing her with a knife, with the intent to commit the offence of wounding at Hospital Road, Kingstown about 8:15pm on 06th October 2018.

The accused is expected to appear before the Serious Offences Court to answer to the charges.