Murder in Richland Park

BREAKING: information just received that a man was found dead with gunshot wounds at Richland Park in the vicinity of the playing field.

Dead is Romeal Diamond alias ” Governor ” he was a witness in a murder case at Heritage Square where a man was stabbed to death some years ago.

According to information obtained the body was discovered around 4.30am on Sunday morning.

We will bring more info in a later post.



  1. There is a policeman who is always firing gunshots on weekends. He live right next to this incident. He should be called in for questioning.

  2. OMG!!! Lies!Lies!Lies! He was not a witness in the murder in Kingstown he was one of the killers plus he just got out of jail a few days before he was murdered because of robbing and beating the watchman at Richland Park School. Why would you come out of jail then go back to where you committed a crime it’s obvious he would get killed there.

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