Man shot and Killed in Kingstown

A man was shot and killed in capital city Kingstown on Tuesday afternoon.According to information Wendell O’Neal died from multiple gunshots.

News784 was also told that two other bystanders were shot in the mayhem and rushed to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

The shooting occurred at the seawall just outside the Leeward bus terminal. Eyewitnesses told News784 that multiple shots were fired from a passing car.

Eyewitnesses further told News784 that the driver of the vehicle managed to manoeuvre the car from the crowded area.

Wendell O’Neal is the brother of Raphael O’Neal who was shot and killed over the weekend.


    • tell me about it no one is safe look at that you getting shot innocently i am sure that the other to persons who got shot is innocent people dieing in the streets of kingstown like dogs i don’t even know where to go in kingstown no more due to the fact that no where is safe all these people die one after the other oh lord have mercy and no one doing anything about it

  1. Your homeland is now HELL Kenny. If you ever come back home you will need to abandon all hope! Government have failed us and the people are running scared!

  2. Unemployment, the drug trade, poverty, a government that failed its citizens, a police force that lacks leadership,we don’t have to look far. Far too much people on the breadline. It’s only the beginning folks.

  3. Expect more killing because these hot heads out for revenge. The government should seriously consider putting the country on lockdown to restore the order. The family not even plan the funeral for the first now they in process of planning another.

  4. You can tell there is total break down of law and order in a country when persons are not afraid to kill people in broad daylight in the presence of witnesses.

  5. The police force is very inept, their salaries are quite good. They are incompetent at best and some of them are suceptible to taking bribes. I have been confronted by this problem had on.

  6. You have it exactly and perfectly right A.Brown. You hit the nail directly on the head!

    You know and see the problems, I too can see it, most of the rest of the community knows it but yet the Government has its head in the sand or they are totally indifferent to the situation or worst, is grossly incompetent.

    The result is that we here sadly suffer, as hell comes a-visiting and sets up shop throughout the country!

  7. Pathetic responses. Where are the helpful suggestions.None so far. We are all diving into the sand head first with our tails in the air shimying with little concerns for the state of affairs in the country. You can do better than this. Forget the anger,self hate, intolerance, grandstanding, showcasing, derision and collusion.Wrap your brain around finding solutions. You will surprise yourself of what your brain will do if you let it work.

  8. well it seams to me the global population control program is working quite effectively, in svg and other carribean islands.This has been around for quite some time ago but mostly ignored by us the people or mass majority. I think we should start to look out side the box instead of the inside following 911 the world has been changed. we are now governed under what International leaders mainly America and others called New world OrdeR . UNder this new rule of bablyon ORder we all can see or hear or feel its effect and limitations it brings to the poor and under priviledged across the globe in any means nessesary. It is also quite clear that our carribean leaders have endorse this plan for many years through family planning programms. Also not to forget the Importations of very madly bad foods for human comsumption bad medicine and others are not helping to illiminate population growth as fast. so here we are the easiest way to managed that problem is guns very sad, wake up my people rise up and take your stand against such perportraitors . our leaders must be held responsible for not addressing the current situation at home that is so disturbing to read. More annoyin is the comments of francis saying innocent don’t get shot, well I have been reading a lot and it just happen recently. I guess all those young men and woman died by illegal guns meant too go that way what a guy no care, love no hopes nor justice for folks of svg shame. All I hear is weed causing unrest in society, bullshit sir your introduction of guns by your leadershit and also not to forget the other one called NDP nduppy. As I can remember the harassment we the rasta farian community went and still going through by your so called hypocritical drug law use by both political parrtees making huge amount money to suit your greed. OHH not forgetting those lawyers too who fill there pockets, So here we are in 2017 arresting my brethren and sistren for natural medicine that cures depriving him or Her their rigths to self healing. So to sit there and criticise Mr.francis is not helping resolve and ongoing problem in which Government create by keeping gangaherb prohibited. This oldwine concept needs a new approach, our world has change so should we the International community is so far ahead of us in addressing indviduals rights and needs to access natural cures for a healthy happy life. legalisation is the only cure to help a failing economy, not more police harrastment job creation is what many of our young need the help from all of you at home not rejection, as always the norm as I know exist today.

  9. Government is the people, the leaders are just the ones that steer the ship. God gave everyone his own brain and so he/she can make it’s own decision. We are just seeing the fruits that some people’s trees bear. So let’s not cause more strive than there is already by saying the leadership is responsible. Just like a body knows how to cleanse itself that’s what’s going on. Please watch with a spritual eye.

  10. This is just foolishness on your part, you who write for yourselfas Concerned Citizen! How on earth can the “Government” be the people? You write utter rubbish here!

    We have Governments because GOD in his ultimate wisdom instituted GOVERNMENTS for our good. Why for our good did God institute Governments? He did so because we humans are a terrible lot and we need to be properly governed.

    When you have good governments society functions well to the well being of everyone but when you have bad governments, well watch out! Run for cover! The BAD rules and strong men wins out! One needs be ready to face down the other who has no respect for either you or your goods.

    Governments were instituted so that the society that we live in could be properly regulated. Law and Order is needed in all Human Society so as to regulate our tendency to selfish behaviour.

    Here now in SVG we are witnessing what happens when the Government and its agencies do not function well. Our existing Government is therefore failing in its God given Duty to regulate our society properly.

    The question is why our Government is being so bad at governing and thus regulating SVG through its agencies and good Law and Order? We note that our government has destroyed every good civic institution we had? prompting the question of how did our Government became so bad at governing.

    To find the most obvious answer when we look into the ranks of our Government. What we see operating is partisanship, nepotism, bias, favouritism and crony capitalism. With our Government, indeed what now matters is Party colours and family relationships and this and only this is what now matters here, to the hurt of us as a small nation.

  11. I have concluded that there must be in SVG a GUN COURT , to deal with these senseless Murders and shooting of Citizens .
    Persons accused of shooting or Murdering Persons must only be granted bail if they can produce Thousands of Dollars .

    In addition ,anyone in possession of guns must also pay Thousands of dollars . I am not setting a monetary figure , because I have no idea regarding what the Law states about these Crimes .

    However the Possession of Guns & Shooting Persons must be the Maximum allowed by Law . If the maximum is less than say
    20,000.00 ,I expect that the Government to revise the Laws and raise it to at least 20,000.00 dollars .

    There must be an end to these horrific Crimes . Currently whether WE like it or not , the World is a Global Village , due to the Internet , and when these Horrific Crimes are heard around the World , it will ultimately affect the Tourist Industry in SVG .

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