Man Shot And Killed In Campden Park #33

A man identified as Kenrick (Lamar) Scott was shot and killed on Tuesday night, he is the second murder victim for October 2017.

News784 received reports from residents of Old Buff of gunfire around 9.50 pm. So far early reports indicate he was shot in the head and died on the spot.

We will continue to update as information comes to hand.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Calvert Pierre, 42yrs, labourer of Kelbourney which occurred at Belmont on 01.10.17.

Reports are that the deceased sustained gunshot wounds about his body and succumbed to his injuries. The shooting from initial reports occurred in the vicinity of the SDA Church in Belmont.

Scott’s death has brought the homicide count to thirty-three (33).


  1. I can not believe what I am hearing about my home country St Vincent and the Grenadine the crime rate is to high for a small country and the citizens of the country need to call on the leader of the country to do something fast

  2. What can the leader of the country do the killer/killers need to go and get a life they just going around killing one another on the streets or where ever the killer/killers need to be captured some thing wrong some where.

  3. We are all blaming the leaders when instead we should be holding criminals accountable for their actions.All gangs and drug wars. Even if the government had jobs for them the criminals will still be murdering because they wants things beyond their reach. How may of the Vincy youths wants to farm and work using their hands. No everyone wants to party,have a good time ,dress and drive the best. They don’t want to work like our fore parents toiled. It must be handed to them because they want it. Until we as a nation start will our children it will continue to be this way. The prime minister didn’t put guns in their hands. They are low minded individuals who think death and distraction is the way to go. All those who blame the government should start with their homes first.

  4. The youths of today have no value for life They need to be able to solve their problems with out hiding behind the gun for strength.Drugs and dishonesty don,t pay and fast money don,t last very long.

  5. There appears to be a lot of foolish half baked comments here as to the role of Governments in society. Particularly our Government and its DUTY!

    No one requested the Prime Minister, Ralph Gonsalves and his band of merry men to aspire to the position of running this country. They choose to aspire to lead the country with all of the responsibilities that goes with it.

    Running the Country is a responsible job like any other, and they are being paid by us, to do that job. We therefore, expect them to do the job that they are being paid to do.

    Therefore, this brings me to the question of, what is the role of Government? The role of Government could be set out as follows:

    To establish Justice in the Country.
    To insure domestic Tranquillity in the nation.
    To provide for the common Defence of the country.
    To promote the general welfare of us all.
    To secure the blessings of liberty to us all.

    These things the Government does by seeing that there is Economic Growth in the country, seeing that there is Low unemployment, Low prices, Low Taxes and pass legislation accordingly.

    Those therefore are the role and duties of any Government. In this instance, our government, the Government of Ralph Gonsalves and his ULP is failing to do, in several of the areas of its required duty to us.

    A) It has failed to provide us with Economic Growth.
    B) It has given us nothing but High Unemployment rather than Low.
    C) It has given us SKY-HIGH TAXES.
    D) It has failed to provide the Nation with INTERNAL Security.

    Therefore, when you fools ask what can the Government do, my reply to you all is, it should do its job. After all that is what and why they are being paid!

  6. The Government was elected to do all the things you say but amid that we have residents with very low moral. This is our biggest problem . If the present Government leaves office today,we will continue to have same problem until we change the mind set of the people. I grew up years ago in SVG being very poor, but we did not go about robbing and killing people for things we didn’t have. Our parents worked hard and instilled the values of self worth,preservation and respect for others and their belongings.It’s a shame listening all the political garbage daily in the news. I don’t favor any party but I have yet to hear information from those bashing the present government on how they will improve the country. Maybe if I heard something that makes sense I will listen. I am still a proud Vincy but politics is what is destroying the country. Those with a bit of education feeling the less fortunate with propaganda. May God bless SVG. We all need to get on our knees and pray, instead on depending on Man, only God can save the country from all the fools.

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